This part of the site is all about our mini-fleet of Ford Sierras.

Why Sierras you may ask?

HIS STORY: A few years ago I needed a car, something a bit sporty without being OTT on insurance, but practical also. Not being a fan of buying ‘foreign’ the choice was limited to Rover, Ford and Vauxhall. Yes I know most of these aren’t made in Britain either, but at least they’re seen as British companies or subsidiaries. Rover were well on the way down the toilet so forget that, and having had Fords in the past I was drawn to the XR4x4 Sierra with its big V6 engine and something else none of the others could offer – PERMANENT FOUR WHEEL DRIVE. Sure the Vauxhall Cavalier was available in GSi2000 4x4 trim, but this was a horrible electronic affair that couldn't even cope with tyres that were worn to different depths!! Wouldn't touch it with a bargepole.

I have always been a fan of Rallying, and since the Audi Quattro burst onto the scene in the 1980’s and swept everything else away my belief has been that any high-performance car should ideally utilise all available grip from all four tyres – something that only recently seems to have reached the supercar arena with Audi’s involvement both with their own R8, and the new Lamborghini models. Why have lots of power if you can’t transmit it down to the road? Seems daft to me, so the XR4x4 won out.

HER STORY: I have been a Ford Sierra enthusiast since January 1991 but it took me until 2005 to finally become a Sierra owner. Having been through difficult times personally and fast approaching 30, I decided it was time to turn my life around. The first thing on the agenda was getting my independence back, so after 10 years of giving up on driving lessons, I decided to give it another go in early 2005. Being a long-time Jimmy Nail fan, I remembered how much I loved the car used in his "Spender" series, the Ford Sierra Sapphire RS Cosworth, and wondered if it was still possible for me to own a Sierra Sapphire so long after production ended. I found an online community enthusiastic about keeping these cars going, the Ford Sierra Owners Club, and joined. This spurred me on even more, buying my own Sierra Sapphire (a 2000E example with RS Cosworth styling) in the October and passing my driving test in February 2006.



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