Sprintex 'System X' Supercharger Kit




The main component of the kit is obviously the supercharger unit itself, as it is this that compresses the air charge. It was manufactured by Sprintex in the UK, and although the company here folded some years ago the rights have been bought out and they are once again in business in Australia.

This particular model is the S102 supercharger which is capable of moving up to 475cfm of air when running at it’s maximum speed of 14,000rpm, although in this installation it retains a healthy safety margin from this. The small white pot attached is the supercharger's own oil feed reservoir for the internal gears.

Extra Injector

Located between the throttle butterfly and the supercharger is a 7th fuel injector, the green-capped object behind the cables. Its job is to supply the extra fuel needed under boost conditions to maintain correct air/fuel mixture. It is under the control of the EP224 add-on ECU. It is unclear whether this was an original part of the kit or a later addition, as the ECU does have the capability to tap into the original fuel system and increase the fuelling by fooling it into thinking the engine is colder than it really is.

This is the electronic control unit that controls the whole setup, adding extra fuel via the 7th injector and altering the ignition timing according to the level of boost being created, which it measures via an on-board Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) sensor. The ignition timing is set at 500rpm intervals on a rolling-road, and once this has been done the unit then smoothes out these points into a suitable advance curve. It intercepts the signal for the standard ignition timing from the original EEC-IV ECU, then sends its own signal to the distributor to fire at the correct moment.

Other Parts
Various other parts complete the kit such as the plenum-chamber Y-piece that splits the air-charge between the two banks of the V6 engine, the mounting bracket with integral belt-tensioner pulley, the poly-V drivebelt, replacement crank-pulley, plus the pipework to connect to the original air-flow meters. No intercooler is necessary at this level of boost (as with turbo kits and also needed with some supercharger installations) as the Sprintex unit does not heat the air-charge as much due to its unique design.
Plenum Y-piece
Mounting bracket, belt + tensioner
Crank pulley
Filter and duct

Since the kit is designed to fit to a standard engine without altering the compression ratio the boost is limited to 7psi. This should be enough to raise the power output from the standard 150bhp to 250bhp* (66% inc), and the torque from 172lb/ft to 305lb/ft* (77% inc).

* Power Engineering quoted figures.


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